Used Mining Equipment

Warren Equipment rebuilds mining and tunneling locomotives and associated equipment. The equipment is fully disassembled and rebuilt with ensuring that any necessary parts are replaced. This is a budget minded way to purchase equipment for your operations. Warren Equipment has a stock of used mining and tunneling locomotive equipment for sale or leasing which is shown below. Contact us today with any questions or for a quotation.

Clayton Locomotive - 3.5 tonne / 4 ton

This locomotive has been rebuild and supplied with a new Warren DC motor Controller, Battery box and batteries to best suite your application. The brakes have been upgraded to a disk brake for superior performance and lower maintenance than shoe brakes.

Track gauge is 24 inch or 600 mm.

Atlas Copco CAVO 320

This Cavo 320 machine has been fully rebuilt and is ready for service.


Warren Equipment has various models of Ingersoll Rand tuggers available that are rebuilt and ready for service.