Warren Equipment offers the most knowledgeable and experienced team to rebuild your tunneling and mining locomotive or mining equipment.  We stock common replacement parts and have well established supply chains to ensure quick delivery of non-stocked parts.  This ensures that Warren can rebuild your locomotive or mining equipment as quickly as possible while providing OEM or equivalent parts.

As well, Warren Equipment offers rebuilding of mucking machines, slushers and tuggers.  We specialize in rebuilds for Atlas Copco © Cavo 310, Cavo 320 along the Atlas Copco© LM 36, 37, 56 and 70.  Also we rebuild the common Eimco © 12B mucking machines. Along with mucking machines, we also rebuild various models of Ingersoll Rand© slushers and tuggers.

Warren Equipment rebuilds Batteries and battery chargers for battery powered equipment.We also offer replacement battery cells or full battery trays for your equipment.Warren Equipment also repairs various electric motors to keep your equipment running.

Below is an example of a Trojan mining locomotive chassis that was rebuilt. It arrived from our customer in the picture on the left. Warren disassembled the entire chassis, inspected each part and made a determination if it was suitable to be put back in service. All necessary parts were replaced and the chassis was reassembled and tested prior to shipping. The end product is the picture on the right hand side and the video below.

Warren rebuilt locomotive and new flat cars

Warren rebuilt locomotive and new flat cars