Warren Equipment manufacturers a full line of mining locomotives ranging from 3.5 – 20 ton and operate on 18-36 inch or metric equivalent gauge.  Our underground locomotives utilize our proven AC Control Drive package to improve safety, efficiency and reliability while reducing capital and operating costs.  This permits the locomotives to travel further on one charge of the batteries. Our designs focus on operability while ensuring safety is built into the locomotive and the operation.

Warren Equipment underground Mining locomotives utilize a robust drive train to meet the high demand of mining requirements.  Our locomotives are compact and able to fit in smaller excavations saving development costs.

Generally, our locomotives are battery powered / operated.  If you have an application that requires diesel or trolley operated, please contact us and we can work with you to provide the best solution.

Our locomotives can be provided as Class 1 Division 2 capable if required.




Trojan Locomotive - Compact for transporting in a mine shaft cage

locomotive controllers

Warren Equipment manufacturers both AC and DC controllers for any locomotives up to 20 tons.  The controllers that we supply are used on many of our locomotives and provide robust, safe and reliable operation.  Our controllers are built on modern technology and common components to provide years of serviceability.

Warren Equipment offers replacement controllers for modern AC motors and older model DC motors.  We also offer conversion packages to upgrade from DC Motors and controllers to a new AC Motor and Controller package. Contact us today and we can consult with you to provide a controller best matched for your needs.

remote operation - locomotives

In some applications, remote operation of the locomotive and system is desired.  Warren Equipment provides a remote system to enhance the control of the locomotive just as if you were at the locomotive.  This includes options such as remote operation, video cameras providing a visual for both ends of the locomotive, obstruction detection and data logging operations with custom reports.

Our system will work on Wi-Fi and tie into a main network so that control can be done at any point on the network.