Warren Equipment manufacturers a full line of tunneling locomotives ranging from 3.5 – 20 ton and operate on 18-36 inch or metric equivalent gauge.  Our locomotives utilize our proven AC Control Drive package to improve safety, efficiency and reliability while reducing capital and operating costs.  Our designs focus on operability while ensuring safety is built into the locomotive and the operation.

Our Tunneling locomotives utilize the smallest envelope possible for tight operating tunnels while providing the maximum power.  This allows our locomotives to fit in small tunnels or our larger locomotives to offer the maximum power for your operation.

Generally, our locomotives are battery powered / operated.  If you have an application that requires diesel or trolley operated, please contact us and we can work with you to provide the best solution.

Our locomotives can be provided as Class 1 Division 2 capable if required.

4-5 ton

8 ton / TONNE

10 tonNE