Warren Equipment manufacturers an inclined rail haulage version of our battery powered rail haulage system as an effective solution to inclined grade - muck removal in tunnels graded up to 30%. The system operates on your standard locomotive track with steel wheels up to 12.5% or lower gradients to maximize efficiency, then the muck train seamlessly transitions to a rubber tread on augmented rail to climb up to a 30% incline.

  • The system is very well suited to run several kilometers of a graded tunnel then climbing up the vertical radius to collect chuted muck from a Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) boring at an angle of 20 degrees or greater.

  • Utilizes the muck weight for traction allows the system to meet the emergency backing up criterion when loaded while maintaining a minimum empty train weight for efficient up grade operation under normal conditions.

  • Lift-off muck boxes allow the chassis of the train to remain coupled for the duration of the project. A standard muck train consists of a combination operator’s chassis, two powered muck cars and a powered flat car.

  • Hydraulic secondary service braking provides redundancy to the regenerative primary braking, with spring applied – electric released emergency/park- disk brakes on each motor of each car providing a tertiary failsafe braking system.

  • Each car has a failsafe arrestor module which automatically engages with the augmented rail at the transition point of the standard rail system to mechanically secure the train to the rail system should wheel friction become compromised due to extreme circumstances.

This system is offered in three different sizes to match your production requirements.The muck cars range in size from 7 cubic metres to 20 cubic metres operating on 15 inch – 24 inch track gauge size.