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Warren Equipment's remanufacturing expertise is based on over 45 years experience in remanufacturing underground tunneling and mining equipment. Recently we have developed methods to replace wheel applied shoe brakes with hydraulically assisted caliper disk brakes. Locomotive test track facilities include a multi-gauge test track utilized for testing new brake systems and controllers.

Replacement Parts

Warren Equipment has developed a range of replacement parts for air-operated overhead shovel loaders, air-operated winches, underground tunneling and mining locomotives and other underground track-type mining equipment. The company also rebuilds centrifugal mine dewatering pumps and supplies related parts.


Warren Equipment exports directly to customers and through agents to Latin America, Africa, USA, and Asia. Warren Equipment seeks customers anywhere in the world where underground tunneling and mining operations are carried out.

Please contact us at:

Phone: 1-705-474-2331 Fax: 1-705-474-0909
E-Mail: wsales@warrenequipment.com


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